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For the best live reptile shows, parties, reptiles at events, school incursions and the like, "Australia's best reptiles" are "Snakebusters", the ONLY hands on reptiles® mobile reptile show in Australia - all other reptile shows only allow audience to touch the animals, with boring "show and tell" or static displays, whereas Snakebusters allow people to hold the animals®.

Raymond Hoser has been at the leading edge of reptile science for decades, with world firsts including the breeding of many species of snakes, discovering and naming many others and even having naming rights over dozens of species properly named for the first time ever in the scientific literature.

In summary there are no better reptile educators anywhere besides the Snake man Ray Hoser and his personally trained staff at Snakebusters.

For reptile shows in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia, Snakebusters are Australia's BEST reptiles. The rest can only possibly be "second best"!

Whether it's being taught and/or entertained by Australia's most experienced snake handlers, enjoying the safety of Australia's only vet certified surgically devenomized snakes, or experiencing Australia's only hands on reptiles show, there is only one choice ... Snakebusters!

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